What others say


“A personal styling consultation with Lydia is an absolute treat! Warm and engaging, she understands perfectly how to create an effortless sense of style for everyone. A master at adapting her skill, I have watched her repeatedly transform the way people look and feel.
Tailored perfectly to you, let Lydia help you to look your best yet…”

Wendy Elsmore, Principle and Founder of London College of Style.

“Lydia’s enthusiasm and love for make-up is infectious. Her warm and friendly personality, her thorough knowledge of colour psychology, colour matching and make-up techniques will make many of her clients happier, more beautiful and more confident in themselves.
She’s a joy to work with.”

Kristina Gasperas, award-winning professional make-up artist.

“ Lydia’s approach to my wardrobe declutter was systematic and analytical. She expertly pin-pointed the items in my wardrobe that I loved but tended to put on and take off immediately without realising why they just didn’t look and feel right on. Lydia gave me detailed explanations about my body shape and illustrated the styles that would help me to show it off successfully. Her feedback on my wardrobe was constructive and meticulous.
I came away from our meeting feeling excited to have identified the pieces in my wardrobe that really did work for me and relieved to be able to safely get rid of some things. Above all else, I came away feeling empowered; empowered to make good decisions about clothes and empowered to build myself a stylishly coherent wardrobe! “

Christina, Guildford.

“Out with the old and in with the new! A thorough and refreshing wardrobe consultation followed by a wonderful shopping trip.  I now know the colours and styles to suit my skin tone and shape. I am thrilled with my new purchases and the joy I now take in clothes shopping.
Thank you, Lydia.”

Osha, Guildford.

“Lydia has understood my needs and encouraged me to try coloured garments. As a result she introduced me to a new way of seeing myself. She very patiently chose a variety of outfits with me and I enjoyed her company. I would definitely recommend her as a personal stylist as she is very engaging and has a great understanding of the female form. My experience with her has been very pleasant. I now have a perfect everyday look with lots of fantastic colours, as well as a great classic look for the evening. Lydia has been a great stylist.”

Jasmine, London.

“What a difference a half day makes! Relaxed, fun and efficient without feeling pressured, Lydia has a real flair for pulling clothes together which suit your body shape and colours which compliment your palette. I was challenged to move outside my ‘comfort rut’ and try different colours – and every piece was a winner. I’m currently wearing my new clothes which have been complimented on countless times. A great experience, I would highly recommend Lydia to anyone wanting to transform their wardrobe.”

Nigel, London.

“I really love my new makeover and feel very reluctant to go and wash my face for bed!!! I’ve shared it with all my sisters and can’t stop looking in the mirror!!! I think you are incredibly talented and am inspired by you starting a new career. Well done. I definitely need a lesson with you and the details of the products you used today. I have sorted all my make-up this evening and cleaned all the brushes in preparation for a new me!!!”

Anonynous, Hertfordshire.

“Having my make up done with Lydia was wonderful. I loved the natural yet glamorous look
she did for me and unlike other makeup I’d had done before, I left still feeling like ‘me’…but on my very best form!  Not only was it a beautiful end result that my husband and friends raved about, but Lydia was also great at showing me all sorts of clever tips and tricks for application, colours and different products that I can replicate at home. It was a fun and relaxed day – and I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror afterwards!”

Louise, St Albans.

“I want to thank you for everything you did on my Special Wedding day!!! I looked stunning as well as my mum! The make-up was perfect!!! I was so delighted I didn’t need to worry about it, the only thing to refresh was the lipstick but my eyes looked awesome all day/evening/night long! My mum also sends her warmest thanks to you too! I have no words to describe how much I’m grateful for all you did beginning from our first trial. You were so nice, helpful, patient and of course professional ! Now I’m just looking for an excuse for my next gorgeous make-up!!! And I’m sure I’ll find it soon! I would definitely recommend you in the future!“

Katya, Guildford.

“ Lydia Jane Styling has given me my confidence back with regards to both my personal style and where to shop. After having my daughters and taking redundancy from my job to raise them, I no longer had the need for ‘office clothes’. However it was a slippery slope from casual wear to I don’t care what I wear as long as it was clean and easy to throw on! My body shape had changed slightly after having my children, which coupled with reaching the big 4-0 made me feel at a loss as to what suited me anymore and where to buy it. Gone were the days of leisurely shopping trips whenever I fancied it and I often resorted to shopping online and ending up with clothes that fitted ok and suited me ok but I never felt great in them. And I wanted to feel stylish again. I booked Lydia for a wardrobe detox. She showed me what suited my body shape and what didn’t, which colours were most flattering and suggested shops that suited my style and body shape. After only one shopping trip buying the few essentials Lydia suggested I felt great again! And not only that I have had heaps of compliments from friends and family. Thank you SO much LJS!!”

Frances, Godalming.

“I surprised my wife with a shopping day with Lydia for our anniversary. My wife felt that her wardrobe was really dated and not up to speed for a new mum. As I do not really fancy long shopping days this was the ideal solution for me. To the surprise of many my wife is not a great shopper and does not like to go shopping for too long. Those 3h proved a huge success in the end. Lydia had prepared really well and had pre chosen many pieces. My wife came back really happy with 10-12 new pieces. She would have taken months to find those herself and would have been much less enjoyable. And even I am very happy as she looks stunning in her new outfits and Lydia also has the talent to find highlights from various price ranges so you do not need to mortgage the house after sending your wife.”

Michael, London.

“Once you meet Lydia you know that you have made the right choice for choosing her as your shop assistance. She is warm, smart and kind and takes into consideration your opinion. I’m very happy everything had been pre chosen by Lydia so I didn’t have to waste any time. However many things were also added during the shopping trip based on my personal preferences, which Lydia immediately picked up on. I’m very pleased and I can honestly describe the experience as perfect! I have a nice wardrobe and happy husband ;-). Thank you very much Lydia I really enjoyed the shopping day with you and I will definitely be using your services at some point in the future again!”

Kuni, London.

“Thanks so much for a fantastic make-up training lesson,…..so many handy tips……amazing how much difference it makes. Really good fun too. You are so knowledgeable and have a fantastic way of guiding us. I feel so much more confident in applying my make up. Thank you.”

Alena, Guildford.

“Thank you so much for Tuesday! I really enjoyed it and I learnt so much! I have been wearing make-up for 30 years and wish I had a lesson like this 30 years ago…You have a real natural talent there…”

Claire, Surrey.

“I had booked Lydia for a girl’s night in and we had a fantastic evening, learning about the latest fashion trends and how they translate into high street fashion. She put so much effort into bringing lots of examples from a wide range of shops which was so insightful and really great. We also talked about shapes and styles, colours, wardrobe essentials and make-up. Lydia is not only extremely knowledgeable and able to advise no matter what shape or size – but also a genuine lovely person. 
Lydia was extremely open to how we wanted the evening to run and we all learnt so much! All my friends have been commenting on how much more focused their shopping has become, trying shops they never used to and being a lot more sure of what they want. 
A fantastic evening, and I am booked with Lydia for a personal shopping tour and wardrobe consultation – can’t wait!”

Stephanie, Oxshott.

“I just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and informative few hours sorting through my wardrobe today. I learned a lot and look forward to trying to put all your advise into action.”

Elaine, Surrey.

“I have had my makeup done professionally many times but Lydia is by far the best. It is a very relaxing enjoyable experience an she gives you little tips as she goes along which I have found easy to keep up. The fact that she is a stylist means she matches your colours to compliment your outfit and the overall effect is stunning (if I do say so myself!)”

Lauren, Godalming.

“I booked Lydia for a styling evening for myself and a group of friends and we had a fabulous night in, learning all about the latest trends, how to dress for our body shapes and colouring and how to apply make-up.
Everyone was transfixed as Lydia gave me a makeover, explaining in detail what brushes and products to use where, in what order and why. She also shared her product recommendations, for every budget – whether we wanted to save on a cost-effective mascara or splurge on a more expensive foundation. My make-up looked flawless and thanks to Lydia’s easy and useful tips, from how to drag the mascara wand through my lashes to which direction eyeliner should be applied, I now apply my own make-up in a totally different way and look all the better for it.
Lydia tailored the evening to suit all my guests’ needs and requests, spending longer than usual explaining how to apply eyeshadow (which everyone wanted to know) and added in a brief presentation on how to lift an old outfit with on-trend accessories. Her warm and friendly personality put everyone at ease, when discussing their own personal styling concerns, and my mobile was inundated with texts the morning after, thanking me and Lydia for a brilliant and informative night and wanting to know when the next one was going to be!”

Caroline, Guildford.